Learn Hindi Through Tamil in 21 Days – 21 நாளில் தமிழ் மூலம் ஹிந்தி பேச கற்றுக்கொள்ளுங்கள்

Make real progress in learning Hindi with our expert-designed Udemy course to start speaking Hindi fluently with perfect pronunciation & grammar. Taught by a bilingual native speaker of Hindi and Tamil. Click below for a free preview and decide for yourself.

About the Course

Quality Content with Animation

21 day, 38 video course with beautiful animations explaining Hindi Sentence Structures, Vocabulary, Grammar using fun and relevant examples

mic-microphoneFocus on Pronunciation

We provide innovative techniques to help improve your Hindi pronunciation. Taught by an instructor with native proficiency in both Hindi and Tamil.

Relevance to Real Life Application

Every lesson is taught with an end outcome in mind that is useful for actual usage in everyday conversations in Hindi, like Introducing yourself, Speaking to friends, Shopping in Hindi, Travelling in North India etc.,

Cultural Context with Fun Content

Understand the finer aspects of Hindi with explanations of iconic Hindi movie dialogues, Hindi songs, Hindi proverbs, idioms (Muhavare) explained in Tamil using fun examples.