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Bhashafy IT!

Comprehensible Input Method

Our method ensures that all your senses are engaged in learning with rich visuals, audio, video, animations and relevant context to learn.

Research Based Course Design

Learn to Speak from Day 1 from a native speaker using a research backed pedagogy which focuses on real world practical examples that you can actually use.

Enjoyable Learning Process

Learn the language and not the complex jargon. Language learning is an exciting process and not a chore. Learn through movies, songs and cultural immersion.

Run by Passionate Polyglots

We are a team of polyglots who love learning new languages, with real world perspective and passion for learning new languages fast.

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about Us

We are a team of polyglots who love learning Indian Languages and want to make learning Indian languages a fun process. India is home to over 300 languages with 22 official languages! So, why not learn a beautiful Indian Language with its rich history and culture.

our vision

To provide the highest quality resources for anybody who wants to learn any Indian Language!